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Why Clean Solar Panels?

A1 Solar Panel Cleaning Services, LLC

is a Louisiana-based, for-profit company independently owned and operated by Reuben Detiege. As President of A1 Solar Panel Cleaning Services, Mr. Detiege has cornered the market on solar panel cleaning in the Greater New Orleans and surrounding areas, with plans for expansion to a statewide operation this fall and nationally by 2021. A serial entrepreneur and business professional, Mr. Detiege was able to identity a need and a means to increase the efficiency of homes with solar panels with a simple 1-2-3 approach to cleaning your solar panels:


  1. Educate! Inform homeowners with solar panels of the increased efficiency of their home by having their solar panels cleaned, allowing the homeowner to maximize their home’s efficiency while lowering their utilities even further;


  1. Save! A1 Solar Panel Cleaning Services offers panel cleaning at an affordable rate, with a discount program for seniors and bundle packages for customers scheduling multiple services


  1. Refer! Sign up for our referral program and receive even deeper discounts on our service offerings. Click Services for additional information.



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400+ Satisfied Customers

“The gentleman, Wendell, introduced himself and got right down to business to cleaning my panels. He even apologized for being tied up with another job earlier. He told me I could call my husband and tell him not to worry. Twenty-Five minutes later, my panels were cleaned, and he was on his way. A1 only asks that you fill out a postage-paid comment card. Because of this service, I will definitely be shopping at A1 more often. Thanks to A1 and to Wendell, who helped me out of with our solar panel cleaning needs.”

Janet Renolds

“The panels came out very clean and the servicemen were nice and professional. My concern is that they did protect my shrubbery. They covered them with tarps and protected them, but my roof are specifically engineered and are not to be damaged. A1 and their staff did an excellent job with my home. I would gladly recommend Gail and Monica to my friends in the renewable energy community. They are true professionals.”

Sara Blankenship